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Prestige helps aspiring dog groomers enter the industry with confidence through our educational programs designed for success and lifetime support!

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Learn In Person

Come learn from Danna Alexander herself and her Team at one of our Prestige Locations.  We offer a beautiful blended program of Hands on In Salon days and Online Home studies.  Our In Person 12 week Program also INCLUDES our Online Programs as a lifetime resource and companion guide to our students.

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Learn Online

Our Online Certification Programs are designed to be a lifetime resource throughout your career! Filmed from the groomers point of view, the tutorials in these programs create a companion guide anytime anywhere!

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Schedule Private Advanced training classes with us!  Let us know what skills you want to perfect and we will help you reach your goals! Dogs and Equipment provided.


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Danna Alexander started out as a Self Taught Groomer.  Her passion and skill for the Pet Industry Grew quickly and she Opened her first salon at 19 years old!  Danna went on to open several more shops and a Grooming School in 2011.  


She then trained with many world renown groomers and began competing in International Grooming Competitions.  She earned many titles including Best Scissored Dog In Show in 2018.


Danna completed her Canadian Master Groomer Certification and has been teaching her own Pet Grooming School programs for over 10 years!


She also has developed many straight forward, modern and innovative Pet Grooming Certification Programs that are completely Unique in the Industry!  Danna believes in the ability for modern technology to bring amazing Pet Groomer Education to anyone anywhere in the world!


Danna believes in people and has a serious passion for helping people realize their potential and reach their goals!

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What Some of My Students Are Saying...


Shalayna LaGrange

Grooming Salon Owner



"I had been grooming for 10 years before I met Danna. I had no confidence in my work and I always felt that I needed to know more. I found an ad on Facebook and I reached out. Danna has raised my confidence, and taught me so much. She has helped me fine tune my skills and find passion for my work again. Her way of teaching is like nothing else I’ve experienced, she is patient and shows you step by step. She makes it look so easy! Finding Danna has changed my life at work, I have learned little tips and tricks to make things easier and faster. It’s so fun to work in an industry where you can always learn more, you can always get better, and you can always have fun"


Mariah Rae

Online Course Student


"Danna is a great teacher. She caters to each student she has and offers further education for those wanting to learn even more. She takes time to explain each lesson for her students and is willing to talk to anyone anytime. She is passionate about teaching groomers new tips and tricks so they can be the best groomer possible. I personally have learned so much from her and continue to learn more from her! I highly recommend prestige dog grooming school!"


Sarah Lacasse

Professional Dog Groomer

Salon in Calgary Alberta 


"I graduated from Prestige Dog Grooming School in February 2021, I found this nine week course to be extremely informative and efficient. You are not just learning the basics of grooming dogs, but advanced time saving techniques you can adapt as you grow in this trade. Danna has great experience in this industry not only as a master groomer, but as a cunning business woman. All of which she is open to share with you as a student to ensure you can maximize profitability should you decide to work for a shop or go it on your own. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to succeed in this industry."

Dog Getting Groomed

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