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Prestige Dog Grooming School




"Our vision is to transform passionate dog lovers into skilled. & compassionate professional groomers, enriching the lives of both dogs and their owners."

"Welcome to PRESTIGE DOG GROOMING SCHOOL - Where Passion Meets Profession! Discover your path to becoming a skilled and compassionate dog groomer with our industry-leading courses, expert instructors, and a community dedicated to the well-being of dogs. Start your journey today!"

The Road to Grooming Excellence: Key Features of Our Signature Courses


Hands on Training 

Real Dogs    

Expert Instructors

Small Class Sizes   

Our courses offer extensive hands-on experience, allowing students to work directly with dogs of various breeds, sizes, and temperaments. This practical training ensures that students gain confidence and proficiency in grooming techniques, from bathing and brushing to trimming and styling.


Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including breed-specific grooming, skin and coat health, handling and safety techniques, and business management skills. This comprehensive approach equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the competitive field of dog grooming.




State of the Art Facilities 

Our courses prioritize the safety and well-being of both students and the dogs they work with. We emphasize proper handling techniques, stress reduction strategies, and humane grooming practices to ensure that dogs are t

Equipments Kit Included 

Tour Our Facility


A Different Approach, Using a New Method of Teaching 

At Prestige Dog Grooming School we use a THREE STAGE SYSTEM Specifically designed by our founder Master Groomer and Educator Danna Alexander.  This systme allows us to quicly and efficiently teach our students.  Allowing our students to become confident in all fundamentals of Professional Dog Grooming in a short period of time. 

Trimming the Fur

Beauty is in Simplicity Designed for Everyone   

Our Easy to Follow Methods 

Stage 1   

Bathing , Drying & Prep

Stage 2

Clipper Work

Stage 3   

Scissor Work


Enter the Workforce!

Hear from our Graduates


Roxanne Runzer
Salon Owner


"Prestige Dog Grooming School changed my life. I took both the online and in-person options. Danna’s knowledgeable step-by-step instruction along with the wide variety of dog breeds for hands-on practice assures your success. I now own my own successful business. I highly recommend Prestige Dog Grooming School.”

Shalayna LaGrange

Grooming Salon Owner



"I had been grooming for 10 years before I met Danna. I had no confidence in my work and I always felt that I needed to know more. I found an ad on Facebook and I reached out. Danna has raised my confidence, and taught me so much. She has helped me fine tune my skills and find passion for my work again. Her way of teaching is like nothing else I’ve experienced, she is patient and shows you step by step. She makes it look so easy! Finding Danna has changed my life at work, I have learned little tips and tricks to make things easier and faster. It’s so fun to work in an industry where you can always learn more, you can always get better, and you can always have fun"

Sarah Lacasse

Professional Dog Groomer

Salon in Calgary Alberta 


"I graduated from Prestige Dog Grooming School in February 2021, I found this nine week course to be extremely informative and efficient. You are not just learning the basics of grooming dogs, but advanced time saving techniques you can adapt as you grow in this trade. Danna has great experience in this industry not only as a master groomer, but as a cunning business woman. All of which she is open to share with you as a student to ensure you can maximize profitability should you decide to work for a shop or go it on your own. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to succeed in this industry."

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