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Prestige Dog Grooming School


Supporting Everyday Pet Groomers 


Anyone Can Groom

Learning designed for you...


Prestige is all about DESIGNING Education to suit you as an individual! The inspiration for Prestige is based on our belief that everyone learns differently, and has unique talents and abilities. We believe that building an education plan unique to our students allows them to fulfill their true potential!


Prestige offers courses Online with Video Call Options Grooming with an Instructor, or In Person at Our School.


We believe that anyone from anywhere with the right guidance can learn to groom. We believe in empowering our students to help direct them to success.

Where our foundation began


Founder & Owner,
Prestige Dog Grooming School & The Everyday Pet Groomer

Danna was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She always had a passion for animals. At 16 she began grooming by sweeping hair at a local salon.  


Having been homeschooled all her life her mother had instilled a very different view to education in Danna. She taught that education was not limited to one scope but to whatever method brought you knowledge and learning!  


Danna Taught herself to groom and went on to Open her very first Salon at 19 years old in Calgary Alberta Canada.  


She began teaching grooming , but at the same time never stopped seeking more and more education for herself.  


Danna then fell in love with competing in grooming and won many prestigious awards as a competition groomer earning a name for herself in the Industry,  

Danna went on to complete her Master Groomer Title through Canadian Professional Pet Stylists.


Danna firmly believes in Individuals and in the power of helping her students find their unique talents and abilities.  Helping them shine!  


After being contacted by many groomers seeking help with every day pet grooming, and seeing a need for quality education in the Industry, education that tailored to different learning styles Danna decided to Launch her unique teaching methods in an Online platform making her available to groomers Globally. 


Danna spends her days teaching her passion and helping others reach their goals and discover their potential.

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