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In Person Programs

Our In Person Programs feature small class sizes, blended online theory and hands on classes in salon.  


Classes are designed with a unique step-by-step format to ensure students are successful in their learning!  

Enjoy class in one of our salon campus's in Calgary or Edmonton!


We've partnered with some amazing salons for work experience, and 90% of our students are offered employment before even finishing their program!

Tw0 locations to pick from!

#104, 500 Royal Oak Drive 

Dog Groomer


Prestige values its student’s education. We balance each classroom so that students have access to an instructor as needed but also have the chance to explore their talents freely! We provide many formats and materials for students inside and outside the classroom so that all types of learners are able to shine!


Almost all kit equipment is from our very own Prestige Elite Grooming - a brand new outstanding line of grooming products! Our products are showcased and featured on The Everyday Pet Groomer Facebook group and YouTube Channel. Check them out to see the how hundreds of experienced and existing groomers celebrate these amazing innovative products specifically designed for The Everyday Pet Groomer!



Our instructors are hand-selected and trained to make sure students receive the best! They teach a variety of methods and have different experiences which helps to better prepare our students for the workforce. Students learn from the vast knowledge and varying experiences of our instructors. Because there are no standards in this nonregulated industry, it is important for students to learn to be adaptable and how to follow verbal and visual instruction so they can adapt to any future employer’s methods.



Prestige has Partnered with many local dog grooming salons to offer our students a chance to see how other salons operate on a daily basis. This extremely valuable opportunity allows students to network with other groomers, find job opportunities, as well as learn how to better effectively transfer their new skills into a job setting. The Salon owners' feedback and mark sheets will be added to students final marks for graduation. Because of the caliber of Prestige Dog Grooming School, 90% of our students are offered employment even before finishing the program!




As a graduate of Prestige, you will have access to our FULL Online Certification Course for LIFE. This program is used by hundreds of seasoned groomers throughout the world as an advanced training program to support their skills in the salon! The video tutorials are designed to be able to be watched and followed along anytime, anywhere - even at work from the grooming table!




Become a professional dog groomer in as little as 12 weeks.
Become a professional dog groomer in as little as 12 weeks.
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