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Special Offer Limited time only $1000 OFF for Nov 13 start date!

Pro Groomer in One Month: Prestige's Exclusive Fast Track Training!

Be in the Career Of Your Dreams Faster Than Ever Before

From Novice to Pro Groomer in One Month: Prestige's Exclusive Fast Track Training!
Demand for Professional Dog Groomers is higher than ever before! 

With more and more people owning dogs the industry is struggling to keep up with the demand for good qualified dog groomers! 

Prestige Dog Grooming School is always evolving and adding programs to help meet the demands of the workforce and bring the best options in education to the hungry students waiting to get into the career of their dreams working with animals. 

Our NEW FAST TRACK Program is our Full Professional 12Week Certification program condensed into 1 intense month! 

This course runs 6 days a week for 4 weeks.  Includes a pet first aid certification, and a full-day seminar on Opening Your Own Dog Grooming Business! 

Better yet we now have Room Rentals available in our two Prestige Accommodation homes available as part of the tuition! 

Key Features:

  • 6 Days a Week

  • 4 Weeks

  • Full Certification

  • Lifetime Access to our full Online Program as a resource for life

  • One day seminar on how to open a successful dog grooming business!

  • Pet first aid certification

  • Small class sizes

  • Experience in both salon atmosphere and class room

  • Hands on dogs from day one

  • Theory done online more time IN CLASS

  • Full Professional Grooming Tool Kit INCLUDED

  • ROOM RENTAL accommodation INCLUDED


What To Expect

From day one you will be working Hands-on with dogs!  Our apprenticeship style method allows students get learn and practice all the techniques required to begin a career as a professional dog groomer!  

Our online program allows students to do all their theory online ahead of time before classes or in the evenings after class at their own pace! 

All theory is delivered in video tutorial format and designed to be a lifetime resource to our students as they enter the workforce!  Filmed from the groomer's point of view these video tutorials are able to be followed in real-time from your device at the grooming table!

Our Method

Prestige’s owner and founder Danna Alexander has been teaching and educating groomers around the world both online and in person for over a decade! 

She has developed the best system for student success available on the market today!  Here at Prestige, we focus on fundamental skills needed to enter the workforce as a professional dog groomer! 

Like any trade, this career grows with you as you grow and learn over time.  What Prestige offers is a step-by-step system designed to teach students to learn and become confident in the fundamental elements of this trade and enter the workforce! 

With over 90% of our graduates having job offers before leaving our programs and over 50% opening their own business directly out of school! 

The 3 stage system designed by Danna herself takes students through the 3 main elements of Dog grooming. 

Stage 1 (6 days)

In this stage students will learn bathing drying and preparation of dogs to create the perfect blank canvass to execute the perfect haircut.  In this stage students will learn techniques for many coat types and haircut styles, as well as develop physical strength and handling skills.

Stage 2 (8 days)

In this stage students will learn to become confident in clipper skills.  Clipper work is fundamental for good quality grooming and learning to groom with speed to increase income.  Students will learn and practice clipper work on all areas of the dogs bodies, on different behaviors and coat types.

Stage 3 (8days)

In this stage students will learn how to give a sharp finish to their grooms with scissor work.  They will practice many difference styles on different coat types and breeds of dogs.

Add Ons


1 day of pet first aid certification

-A hands-on day all about emergency pet first aid inside a grooming salon.

1-day seminar on how to open your own grooming business

-In this seminar, we will go over all the fundamentals of opening your very own dog grooming business.

Whether you plan to work from ho
me or open a commercial salon, our experienced staff will answer all your questions and help you go forward with confidence in opening your own business!  

Pricing, dealing with clients, operations, marketing, website, leases, licensing, product, equipment purchase, staff, wages, and opening costs, are just some of the topics we will go over in this class!

About our Prestige Accommodation Option

We have 2 beautiful homes with ROOMS for rent for our students in the city of Calgary Alberta Canada.

Both homes have full laundry facilities and full kitchens for student use.  Wifi and television are provided at both homes as well. 

These homes have two options to choose from:


  1. Private Bathroom – Private room with a private bathroom.  Shared laundry, kitchen, and living room.

  2. Shared Bathroom – Private room with a shared bathroom with one other student.  Shared laundry, kitchen, and living room.


For students that will be taking our train and bus systems to work we will provide a pdf document via email with links and directions on how to use the LRT City Transit systems, and purchase transit passes online. 

For an additional fee and upon request pick up and drop off is available by Prestige Staff.

AIRPORT – For students flying in pick up and drop off to the Airport is INCLUDED.  A full Itinerary must be provided ahead of time.


Special Offer Limited time only $1000 OFF for Nov 13 start date!

$14,997.00 +gst Included Room Rental. Until Nov 13 $13,997.00

$14,997.00 +gst Included Room Rental. Until Nov 13 $13,997.00

$14,997.00 +gst Included Room Rental. Until Nov 13 $13,997.00

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